News Adds Negative Vibrations

“Early in life I noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper” -George Orwell

“Cuz when they own the information localletter they can bend it all they want.” -John Mayer song Waiting on the World to Change

In the Science of Getting Rich for Genuises you are asked to monitor how much news you watch during a week. In fact they challenge you you to avoid the news for a week. frontiernews I can tell you in all honesty that was easy for me to do. I don’t watch the news and avoid it at all costs. What ticks me off about the news is I hear something very sad and negative and then I think to myself, “What can I do about that piece of information?” The answer is usually “Not a damn thing!” And then that negative piece of information just adds to my vibrational bubble. I don’t need that so out it goes! Trash!!

Just the other day I had a client in my studio talking on and on about the crisis in Haiti. Yes it is sad, yes I wish I could physically do something to help them, but there is only one thing I can do for them and that is pray. I don’t dwell on the issue because it won’t do any good anyhow. Besides, newspoke I don’t watch the news to avoid hearing about things I can do nothing about. And like George Orwell stated “no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper”. So who’s to say it is the truth?

Now I know there are some of you out there who topicals freak at the thought of missing news. You may think that you are going to miss something or that you are going to become some uninformed citizen. But I promise you, as a non-news reading citizen myself, if you must know it you will know it.

For example, tbadaily let’s talk about the weather for a minute. In Houston we had a major cold snap a few weeks ago. Most people knew about it a week to 10 days ahead of time. I don’t watch the news and I knew about it a week ahead of time too. The same client who talked on and on about Haiti, told me about the horrible cold weather headed our way and how we had better be prepared. Okay, so I was warned. God, the universe, kulfiy or my higher power made sure I knew about what I needed to know about because I trusted in it.

So trust that you will know. Don’t waste your vibrational bubble listening to the news. Let’s put those negative folks out of business. Or better yet let’s start a positive news campaign. Hey, and just maybe that will put an end to the vicious circle in the first place. Now that’s an idea!!:) pressmagazines


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