A Page From The Diary Of Mack Macintuit, 6-3-2016 Brain Scanner “Constitution”

Hi everyone! My name is “Mack Macintuit”. People call me “Mac” for short. This is my diary page just in case I get shoved backwards when massive amounts of people start wondering who’s snitching on them when their private information starts appearing in public venues. Eventually government will be found out to be the one’s collecting data because all the people that are being blamed for snitching will say, technologydiary “It Isn’t Me Because Someone Snitched Me Off Also”. This diary page will be my personal accounting for future reference of events taking place in this area of government data collecting. techprats

As a CIA operative working with the NSA I am in charge of leading a team to stop the crime events that are going to happen before they occur and political upheaval towards progressive domination with our new brain scanner technology. It’s the “Wave” of the future when you are talking radio wave intrusion into peoples privacy.

Talk about invading the privacy of citizens! I do it because of all the lives I save as is always the stated reason for being a government official intruding on a persons private affairs. But who better to do the job that needs to be done than me. My life with the CIA is to invade the privacy newstweeters of foreign citizens in their countries and I enjoy it without a doubt. U.S. citizens may have their right to privacy but there are no laws restricting the invasion of privacy in foreign countries. Since my government needed me to do this new job for them I was more than willing to enjoy the privacy of U.S. citizens so I accepted my new assignment without protest. My corrupt progressive government knew I would enjoy doing the job as much as they enjoy me doing it.

I am at the forefront of emerging technology. The brain scanner has just been invented and built. It is ready to be put to use. The brain wave machine named the, “Constitution” would send out radar type pulses, techprani then the pulses would bounce back to the machine from the brain that they were sent to bounce off of with all the thoughts and memories of a person or persons. The radar pulses were developed to be a magnet so to speak that can copy a persons thoughts and memories to the pulses and pass them through the skull and back to the machine for storage without making the person hit by these pulses zombies or infants that haven’t learned yet. Incredible! is all I have to say.

The brain scanner is named the “Constitution” just in case there were slips of the tongue. Actually, our progressive government wants us to talk about the constitution more often to make them look good so any slip ups talking about the brain scanner would not draw any attention from opposition news. Opposition news would believe the progressives were just talking the constitution for votes and belittle the progressives to no end about it. Nobody would be the wiser if there were ever to be a slip of the tongue about the brain scanner named, echjey “Constitution”.

It is my job to implement the use of the constitution on U.S. citizens and start gathering intelligence though its use. The NSA data storage facility that was built in 2009 through the very first law the progressives passed in congress when they had a majority in both houses is the end point for all the information gathered with the Constitution. The Utah NSA facility was built to store information about progressive care signups. Signing up for progressive care was the tool to be used by our progressive government to gather all the private information on U.S. citizens without them knowing they were going to be constantly under surveillance. As the saying goes, foiz “Once You Enter You Can Never Leave” and with it being made mandatory to enter progressive care for the rich and poor the surveillance of everyone’s private lives could begin. You can thank our supreme court for enacting government surveillance of all U.S. citizens by making progressive care possible.

Them pesky non compliant opposition party opponents that usually stay quiet are speaking up now and progressive care isn’t going so well because of these pesky rascals. But, no need for progressive care anymore now that we have the brain scanner just in the nick of time. The progressives with or without the control of government are now able to collect data and store it out of government.

With the brain scanner all we have to do is mount it in a van or delivery truck and drive by people and capture their thoughts and memories. This is more convenient than making everyone sign up for progressive care. If a person can remember their name the brain scanner will grab the memory and file it along with all the other memories and thoughts in a person’s mind. All we have to do is look through the file for the name and index the file under the retrieved name in the NSA servers with all that persons thoughts. This brain scanner named the constitution will operate just like Google maps neighborhoods except the scanner will not sit on top of a fuel efficient vehicle. We will just drive up and down neighborhoods collecting brain data and no one will be aware of it. As for who’s paying for it? You know, “Tax Dollars” will be funding the brain scanner project of course.

Some may think about why they have to pay for their thoughts and memories to be collected for government record if and when the use of the Constitution becomes known by the public. It just makes no sense to many why they have to pay but if you think about it for awhile it makes sense because over the decades people voted for progressive government officials who do these kind of things so citizens being made to pay for government to collect their thoughts and memories makes perfect sense. It will make even more sense if you don’t think about it because you as a voting U.S. citizen are in charge of whom leads the United States and are the ones that voted the progressives in year after year. Fore more info please visit:-technigma.com

Once the project comes to light in the public eye years from now when everyone starts realizing someone is snitching on them and people start killing each other because it had to be someone close that had access to their information realize it’s not the people close to them who snitched but instead government intrusion all heck will break loose.

The answer agreed upon by our elected progressive government whom are gathering personal information will always be, “It’s For The Security Of The United States And It’s Citizens” after a good part of the U.S. population have beat the tar out of each other. Into immediate action the progressive spin machine will go. The blame for collecting thoughts and memories with the “Constitution” will go right on the backs of the opposition party. The massive media storm has already been put into place and when the U.S. population quits beating the tar out of each other and turns their violence towards government no opposition party politician will be able to hide as the progressive spin machine kicks in and steers the violence to the elephant. The progressives don’t even have to be in government power anymore with the use of the “Constitution”. Before opposition party politicians know what happened they will all have been crushed and never able to return.

As it goes nothing lasts forever, not even the secret of the brain scanner Constitution so I write in my diary about this event I gladly participated in. One day after the discovery of this program my diary page can be released for publication without the thought of what I did going backwards on me. I may or may not be around to see this diary page go public and if I’m not around special provisions have been made for this page to be released.


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