What Makes a Good Intranet Portal?

The concept of intranet portals began coming up in mind 1990’s and paced up very quickly. During the initial few years of launch, they were mainly oriented for an organization’s internal data sharing only. But today, loveportal they are much more than what they were esteemed to be till few years back. Today’s portals provide a huge degree of interaction and capabilities like knowledge sharing, managing workflows, enhanced collaboration between work groups and above all social interaction with other employees of the company. They thus act much more than just being a gateway for accessing enterprise data. fejermegyemedia

Considering the increased requirements of every business, intranet portals need to act more than ever. Here are the few features which an ideal portal must possess:


Amalgamation or integration is one of kreuzfahrt the most important expectations from an intranet portal. Every company wants to enhance its technological infrastructure while keeping their current business operations unaffected. Thus a portal must be able to integrate with their current business processes and systems.


Every business has its own needs and so the portal must be customized as per the needs of every individual business. An intranet portal can qualify as good only if it provides extreme customization facility to businesses. films


One of the most important features of a good intranet portal is collaboration. It must allow the colleagues to collaborate with each halbarat other efficiently. This may include working on same document simultaneously.

User Friendliness

An intranet portal needs to be user friendly. Unless it is user friendly, people will find it difficult to access the portal and will start creating gaps with it. To ensure that the employees are fully acquainted with the portal and like using it over again, user friendliness remains an unavoidable character.

Integrated Libraries

Despite of numerous advances, intranet portals yet adhere to their basic requirement of maintaining company data. This includes documents, images and videos etc. It is very important to have libraries in the portal which can store and handle documents, videos and images for easier access by employees.


The ability to express themselves attracts the employees much towards the intranet portals. A blog is one of the easiest and most preferred methods for allowing the employees to put forward their thoughts and so blog integration remains an important requirement.


Easy and fast search for people, documents, images, videos or web data are a must in intranet portals which usually remain flooded with information. Thus it becomes difficult to search desired information unless an extensive search engine is incorporated in it. For more info please visit here:-https://xn--autklma-cza5c.com/ https://hetkoznapiegeszseg.hu/ www.threadFoolery.com www.uslandgrid.com

Social Media Integration

People love to share their achievements and interact with each other. Social media integration is coming up as an efficient tool to be integrated in intranet portals. Social media integration not only allows the users to interact but also to know more about other employees thereby strengthening intra-organization communication.


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