Attractions in the Central Business District – Sydney’s Most Visited Tourist Spots

The Central Business District is the most strategic point in Sydney and is the hub of the city’s commercial and financial districts. The area is also one of the most popular among tourists as it is home to plenty of attractions and interesting activities. Whether you are an art lover, cbd buds a nature lover, a history buff or just looking to have a good time, Sydney’s Central Business District offers it all.

Possibly the most popular sites in the city, fancynamemaker the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are world famous attractions. The view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge against the magnificent backdrop of the harbour is a breathtaking sight worth a few photographs. The Sydney Opera House nearby is also an architectural wonder and is a well known venue for events like orchestras, jazz performances and plays.

Tourists interested in history should visit places like the Fort Denison, the Hyde Park Barracks and the Government House. Fort Dennison is located at the Sydney Harbour and was a major part of the city’s defense system in the 1800s as prisoners were kept there. The Hyde Park Barracks was also used as a hide out for convicts until 1848. The Government House is bigjoerepair a classy and unique Gothic Revival style building that is well worth a visit in the city.

The Royal Botanical Gardens and the Chinese Garden in Sydney’s CBD is a relaxing getaway from the bustle of the city. Situated along the Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanical Gardens is a lush green environment that is home to over 7500 trees, lovely rose bushes and many exotic and endangered flowers. The Chinese Garden is also a tranquil place close to Chinatown. Apart from its lovely gardens, kms-pico the place features Chinese cultural stone statues and pavilions.

Art and museum lovers will be in for a treat as the CBD area is filled with many different types of art galleries and museums. Home to Sydney’s finest collection of local and international art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is also a popular spot for cultural events. Some of the famous museums that are worth visiting include the history related Australian Museum, the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Justice and Police Museum.

If you are looking to relax, epicmauihikes stop in for an elegant meal at either of the 2 revolving restaurants at the AMP Tower Centrepoint from which you will have an amazing view of the harbour right up to the Blue Mountains. The IMAX Theater and the Sydney Aquarium are also sure to be awesome places to visit with the whole family. Don’t forget to make a stop at one of the world’s largest cathedral’s which is the St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. For more info please visit sites here:-

Summary – The Central Business District is Sydney’s main commercial and financial hub, and is filled with plenty of attractions, making it one of the most visited areas by tourists. Whether you are an art lover, yve a nature lover, a history buff or just looking to have a good time, Sydney’s Central Business District offers it all


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