Stress Triggers Back Pain

Stress and other emotional factors are believed to play a major role in low back pain, savvybuyerhub particularly chronic low back pain. Many people unconsciously tighten their back muscles when they are under stress, studies revealed.

Low back pain is used to describe a range of symptoms. Depending on the cause, low back pain may be dull, burning, Best vape shops in USA or sharp. It may be felt at a single point or over a broad area.

It can come on gradually or suddenly and may occur with muscle spasms or stiffness.

Back pain can either be acute or chronic. Acute lasts for less than three months and most people gain relief after about 4 to 6 weeks of home treatment. Buy OL-Tramadol online

Chronic on the other hand lasts longer than three months.

Experts said stress causes tense muscles which are tight and feel “hard” to the touch.

People who are stressed often have neck, Buy Weed Online UK shoulder, and low back pain. This may be caused by constant tension in the muscle because of stress. Stress also affects rheumatoid arthritis.

Easy remedies

For chronic back pains, simple home remedies will ease the pain. Applying ice for 5 to 15 minutes every two or three hours will do a lot of help. Taking a hot shower or using a heating pad or hot water bottle can do wonders for some.

Others opt the fast and easy relief from pain medicines like Tramadol. Taking Tramadol on a regular schedule usually works best instead of waiting until the pain is severe. A number of online pharmacies including carry Tramadol.

For the first day or two, rest in a comfortable position. Try lying on your side with a pillow between your knees. Or lie on your back on the floor with a pillow under your knees. For more sites visit here:-

Medical experts advise patients to get back to their normal activities as soon as possible. Movement helps your muscles stay strong. Staying in bed for more than 1 or 2 days, they said, can actually make the problem worse.

Walking is the simplest and perhaps the best exercise for the lower back.

However, if symptoms are severe or pain does not stop even after two weeks of self care, it is best to consult a doctor. Stronger pain medicines and physical therapy may be necessary.


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